TER Series Project

TER Series Project


The next step for the TER, an innovative global project, the new TER SERIES started in 2023!

- The new series will follow the same TER concept: it will enjoy the same wide TV Coverage, each event will have a global promotion in Tourism, Sports, Culture, history etc.

- TER SERIES will start with 4/6 Rally, through 5 continents.

- The selected events must have outstanding characteristics: based in tourist-oriented areas, they must possess unique specific features and display an excellent touristic and/or historical background.

- The New Series will be launched and promoted during the 2022 Season through the TER - Tour European Rally, TER Historic and TER Promo events, Tourism promotion of the TER events territories will be one of the main ways that the promoter will follow.

- The competition, and drivers who will compete in the new series, is one of the main objectives that TER wants to pursue from the beginning; 2022 is the year in which the rallies aiming to take part in the 2023 TER Series can join in, as 2022 TER Promo Event, and benefit from the TER's global promotion.