Paddon keeps the lead before the last 3 Special Stages


The Kiwi won 6 Stages and takes a comfortable lead after Nil Solans’ retirement


Hayden Paddon with Jared Hudson (Hyundai i20 R5) keeps a comfortable lead in front of Ivan Ballinari – Elena Giovenale (Volkswagen Polo R5), and they are now in advantage for the title. No calculation needed: after the retirement on Special Stage 7 of Nil Solans and Luka Larrosa (Skoda Fabia R5), the title fight is all in their hands and who stays in front will be the 2022 TER – Tour European Rally Champion.


Third place for Italy’s Rachele Somaschini, codriven by the local Fabio Salis (Citroen C3 R5). Keeping the consistency, Rachele is managing to stay on the podium in front of Michele Liceri – Salvatore Mendola (Peugeot 208 Rally4), leader of TER 2WD.