Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur

TER takes 2020 series final to Antibes 2021...


After the cancellation of the last events, a new event was chosen to award the TER and TER Historic 2020 titles.

In Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur, the 1st event of the 2021 TER and TER Historic scheduled from May 13th to 15th, drivers registered for the 2020 TER and TER Historic series will be awarded points for the 2020 championships, with dedicated standings.
Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur will therefore be the 1st 2021 TER and TER Historic round and the closing event of the 2020 TER series, 4th event for TER and 3rd for TER Historic.

Luca Grilli, TER Promoter and Organiser said:
"We tried to insert an event at end of the 2020 in order to give the TER series drivers a chance to fight for the title, we considered all possibilities and in the end we decided that the best solution was to do this in the 1st 2021 event.
This is simple and can save time and money for those drivers who can fight for the 2020 titles and also, in the same event, score points for the new 2021 season in a fantastic location like Provence and Cote d'Azur...

Is a strange situation... but the TER goes ahead and hopes for a better future after a 2020 which has been a disaster for the world's populations and economy.
The TV coverage is confirmed and TER and TER Historic will be broadcast, also in 2021, in over 130 countries."

TER partners Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur

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