Rally Georgia

Sebastien Bedoret leads the Tour European Rally at end of leg one


Belgium Sebastien Bedoret co-driven by Hans Delorge at the wheel of a Skoda Rally2 Evo joins the park fermé of end of leg in Roeselare as leader of the TER – Tour European Rally and occupies the second position in the overall standings of the 61st ConXion Omloop Van Vlaanderen Rally after having fought on the Flemish roads during this first day. He was preceded by the Belgium Ghislain de Mevius.

Second and third positions in the overall standings in the TER are respectively occupied by Vincent Verschueren and Filip Cuvelier with a Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 followed by Adrian Fernemont codriven by Samuel Maillen on Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo.

In the TER 2WD, the Spanish crew Edgar Vigo and Fatima Ameneiro are leaders.

In the TER Production/RGT/R4K, the Belgium Abeele Tuur and Stijn Stragier with a Porsche 997 GT3 are leaders.

Retirement on mechanical problems for the Belgium Andy Lefevere co-driven by Marc Noppe on a Porsche 997 GT3.

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