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A new “Grand Finale” for the 2020 Tour European Rally… the fight for the title is open!


After the Rallye Antibes Cote d’Azur cancellation due the tempest Alex, a new event in France join the 2020 TER and TER Historic.


With 35 points at stake for the best TER driver in the last round of the 2020 Tour European Rally, the 38th Rallye du Fenouillèdes from November 13th to 15th, the fight for the 2020 overall title is open to 14 drivers.

The standings' leaders, Paolo Andreucci“Pepe” Lopez and Simone Tempestini are the main title candidates currently tied at 34 points.

Italian Alessandro Bettega, romanian Bogdan Marisca and spanish Jose Suarez are the main  rivals with 29 points 

Another favourite is spanish Luis Villariño, currently at 28 points, with his 3rd participation in the 2020 TER at  Ille-sur-Têt he could also bag 3 bonus points as per the TER regulations.

Italians Tullio VersaceStefano Marrini and Massimo Squarcialupi, romanian Dan Girtofan and spain's Ivan Ares and Alberto Monarri are also very close to the leaders and ready to seek success in the 2020 TER.

The Hyundai i20 R5 of Mihnea Muresan (18 pt.) and the 2 Suzuki Swift R4-K of Javier Pardo (17 pt.) and Joan Vinyes (16 pt.) could also star in Rallye du Fenouillèdes and fight for the title.

Many drivers still stand a mathematical chance in the final battle. 

The battle also extends to the TER Junior, the series dedicated to under 26 year old drivers  with RC4 R2/Rally4 cars.

6 drivers can challenge for the title:

Norbert MaiorAlvaro Perez and Jacopo Trevisani with 35 pointsRoberto Daprà and Iago Gabeiras with 28 points and Santiago Garcia24.


4 drivers can compete for the title of TER Production/RGT/R4-K:

Italian Stefano Marrini (Mitsubishi Lancer) and spanish Javier Pardo (Suzuki Swift R4lly S) with 30 points, the other Suzuki of Joan Vinyes at 24 points like James Bardini’s Subaru.


In the TER 2wd Championship, spanish Edgar Vigo leads with 48 points ahead of romanian Alexandru Filip, previous category winner in 2018 and 2019, currently at 40.

Jorge CagiaoNikola Mishev and Alex Raschi with 30 points are also in fight for the victory, while Italian Luigi Caneschi, argentinian Emiliano Biondi and spanish Antonio Otero still stand a chance too. 


In TER Historic pre-81 Championship the fight for the title is between the 2 Ford Escort of spanish Francisco Lopez and british Tim Metcalfe.

In TER Historic J1/J2 Championship spanishes Javier Pardo (Ford Sierra C.) and Antonio Sainz (Subura Impreza) will have the chanche to take the title.


“Grand Finale” for the 2020 Tour European Rally titles!


TER - Tour European Rally Standings after Round 3

Entries to 38th Rallye du Fenouillèdes, final event of the 2020 TER - Tour European Rally and TER Historic, will close on November 2nd.