Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur

Bruno Riberi and Romain Haut-Labourdette in 2019 TER with 2 Skoda Fabia R5


One week left before the 54th Rallye d’Antibes Côte d’Azur opens the 2019 TER – Tour European Rally season.

In the last days the TER drivers list was updated with two french crews:

- Bruno Riberi and Florian Haut-Labourdette, at the second participation to the Tour European Rally after last year when, seduced by the series, they finished in 3rd place of the TER - Tour European Rally behind Bryan Bouffier and Giandomenico Basso.

- Romain Haut-Labourdette codriven by Fabian Tardito will take the start of the french riviera event with a Skoda Fabia R5 by Team Roger Tuning, the sister car of Riberi.

Entries in Tour European Rally for Rallye Antibes Cotè d'Azur will close on Friday May 17th at 12:30.


Photo: Marek Pléha - rally media

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