Rally Città di Arezzo, Crete Senesi e Valtiberina

TER Promoter statement following the press release from Rally Valli Cuneesi.


Following the announcement by Sport Rally Team on the cancellation of the International Rally Valli Cuneesi, the TER - Tour European Rally organiser wish to clarify that the decision was taken exclusively by the event organisers and despite the maximum availability of the TER.
With some days left before the close of entries there are already several confirmed participants, with others ready to join (TER registrations for Rally Valli Cuneesi will close on April 26).

The Tour European Rally, having informed the competent bodies, reserves the right to act to protect its registered competitors, the image of the series, the existing agreements with its partners and for the safeguarding of its good name and of the series approved by the FIA.

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