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  • Some comments of the TER drivers at the end of Leg 1.

Some comments of the TER drivers at the end of Leg 1.


* Yoann BONATO : Everything went well. We lost time in the Super Special Saint Laurent du Var by making a half spin in the event, but we joined the park fermé in the lead.

*Michel SYLVAIN : Puncture in the last long S.S of the «Conseil Général». We are in the rhythm, we did the scratch times in the S.S 4 and 5.

*Bruno RIBERI :It’s better than this morning, we occupy the second place of the TER and we are 

*Steve FERNANDES : Puncture,  we are not satisfied but tomorrow will be another day

*Stephan GOTTIG : The long Special Stage « Conseil Général » was very slippery

*Romain HAUT-LABOURDETTE : Satisfied, we did the good choose of tyres

 *Stephan GOTTIG : S.S 6 « Conseil Général » very slippery and tricky

*Romain HAUT-LABOURDETTE : Satisfied we made a choice of tires but we are lacking in hours on the roads.

*Norman KREUTER : Very very difficult especially the very slippery super special stage. For tomorrow, no mistake, we must return to Juan les Pins.

*Alexandru FILIP : The super special was very difficult for us because we had no break.

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