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TER – Tour European Rally statement following the press release from Rali Vinho da Madeira organiser


The promoters and organisers of the TER – Tour European Rally, following the press release published on the website of Rali Vinho da Madeira, wish to precise what follows;

1) The decision not to renew the agreement with RaliVM was taken by the TER promoters first, and not inversely. The TER promoters had received a request to submit a proposal to keep RaliVM in the series, but elected not to do so.


2) The TER – Tour European Rally series obtained FIA approval in 2017 and was recognised as a FIA International Series – Bronze.


3) The promotion of Madeira, like all the different tourist locations which have hosted and host rounds of the TER, has been done according to the agreements signed with the various organisers, the contents of which are, of course, confidential. Promotional contents have been generated, published and broadcast accordingly.


4) Brands and Official teams have been present in the TER: in 2017 Hyundai Motorsport entered Chewon Lim in several rounds of the series, and Toyota Motorsport GmbH also attended different rounds with the Gt-86 driven by Luca Rossetti. Concerning brands, Free Minds is a partner of the TER, and in 2018 other brands became official sponsor/partners of the Tour European Rally.


5) References to other events, would best be avoided as the agreements and negotiations between the TER Promoters and the Event Organisers are obviously confidential.


While Rali Vinho da Madeira has been a valued member of the TER – Tour European Rally series since its beginning in 2016, the TER Promoters who,  unlike others, have kept all the committments foreseen by the agreement, are not willing to allow the Organising Committee's allegations to spoil the image of the series, in what appears as an attempt to hide other issues and unkept promises, affecting the event.

The TER promoters and organisers nevertheless wish to thank the people and fans of Madeira for the warm welcome they always gave to the TER staff, drivers, teams and fans, those members of the Organising Committe and Authorities who have believed and continue to believe in the project, the President and Vice-President of the local Government who have always cooperated and taken part in our events in Madeira.

Best wishes to the Event Organisation for the future.   

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