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  • Back-to-back TER and overall win for Camacho in Madeira.

Back-to-back TER and overall win for Camacho in Madeira.


After two days of racing on the roads of the beautiful Island of Madeira and multiple twists among, these are only Portuguese crews who occupied the first position in the TER.

Alexandre Camacho codrived by Pedro Colado, the vice-president of government of the Madeira island (Skoda Fabia R5) wins the 4th round of the TER - Tour European Rally 2018 and finishes at the 1st of the overall classification in the 59th Rali Vinho da Madeira.

The seconds in the serie are Miguel Nunes and Joao Paulo (Citroën DS3 R5).

Following in the order of the classification in the TER- Tour European Rally by Jose Pedro Fontes and Paulo Babo (Citroën C3 R5), Ricardo Teodosio and Jose Teixeira (Skoda Fabia R5), Joao Barros and Antonio Costa (Ford Fiesta R5), Armindo Araujo and Luis Ramalho (Hyundai I20 R5).

Joachim Wagemans and François Geerlandt managed a very good operation by finishing at the 7th position in the TER classification and 9th in the overall classification with a car (Peugeot 208 R5) they didn't know before the start of the event. The TER top ten was completed by Pedro Almeida-Nuno Almeida (Ford Fiesta R5), Pedro Mendes-Joao Sousa (Peugeot 208 T16) and Antonio Dias-Adriana Neves (Skoda Fabia R5).

Miguel Correia copiloted by Pedro Alves (Renault Clio R3) finishes in the 1st position of the TER 2WD Trophy and precedes Renato Pinta and Alba Sanchez (Ford Fiesta R2) following by Gil Antunes and Diogo Correia (Renault Clio RS RT3).

Next round of the TER - Tour European Rally
* Rally d'Abruzzo (September 07 to 09 ).