Arad Rally Program and Itinerary are online!


ARAD RALLY 13.14 May 2016 ARAD - ROMANIA - FIRST ROUND of TER "TOUR EUROPEAN RALLY 2016"   - Itinerary - Maps and Supplementary ...
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Rallye International du Valais will be the 4th round of Tour European Rally 2016


The Rallye International du Valais, a glorious rally within exclusive landscapes in the heart of the swiss Alps, will be the last round of ...
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Super promotion for foreign competitors whishing to take part in Arad Rally 2016!


The organiser of ARAD RALLY, 1st Round of TER Tour European Rally 2016, launched a super promotion for foreign competitors who wish to take ...
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Why should Drivers, Teams, Companies choose TER - Tour European Rally ?


- Big TV/web Coverage for Teams, Events and commercial partners. - Big promotion for the drivers (TV, web, media, social). - Space for ...
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Tour European Rally 2016 Regulation is online


Tour European Rally 2016 Regulation is disponible here:   TER 2016 Regulation 
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Skoda Rallye Liezen will be the third race of TER 2016


The Skoda Rallye Liezen, the youngest among the Austrian Championship runs, is located in the mid- dle of Austria also called the green heart ...
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The glorious Rally Vinho da Madeira will be part of TER


Club Sports da Madeira, organized the 1stTour of Madeira as tourism promotion and marketing campaign in 1959. With the unwavering support ...
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Arad Rally will open TER 2016


Arad is an important city in the Western part of Romania, situated on the banks of the river Mures, also known because of the fact that it ...
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