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Giandomenico Basso reflects on his winning TER season


Giandomenico, you won the 2017 Tour European Rally adding another international title to an already rich palmares. How was your season?

For me it was an exciting season, a breath of fresh air. I have always been a driver who, when he had the chance, preferred to race abroad and compete against drivers at international level, beyond the fact that the Italian championship remains one of the most difficult. But it was nice because this championship was well organized, but above all because it contained some important, high level races, some of which I had already contested and some other new ones. I was pleasantly surprised by the organization of Transilvania, I had also never been to Liezen previously, while I already knew the other races and the level. For me and for BRC Racing Team it has been a good season, we have won also outside the peninsula and we are satisfied with the work done. We also had a new car, the Hyundai New Generation i20 R5, and it was not granted to win, also because when you race abroad in new events there are strong local drivers, you have to deal with them first, and it is certainly not easy. We tried to do our best, to manage some situations and to attack in other races.

You mentioned the Hyundai NG i20, a new car which, however, also enjoyed some satisfaction in the TER. There is still work to be done on the development, but how did you feel with this car completely new for both you and the team?

Surely it was not easy for us at the beginning. In the first events we did not manage to test so we were not fully ready. From the beginning of the year to the last races we have had an improvement, my own and the team's feeling with the car has improved, and we are therefore also satisfied with the work done with the new Hyundai. Obviously some work remains to be done, but we did a lot during the events.

Giandomenico, what did you like about the TER and what would you suggest the organisers to change for the future?

The start is very good. There were some important races, and some nice races were chosen rather than others of a lower level, while it would perhaps have been easier to have less important races in the series. They gathered prestigious races with already known names, some of which I already knew. The only thing that was maybe missing was the involvement of other drivers, but it is normal that in a new championship this is not so easy. Already this year, however, it was a beautiful and exciting championship. Moreover, the creation of events was important, in the future it might help to attract more drivers and brands, of both cars and tyre manufacturers. The formula is beautiful, and I think that on the media side a great work has been done.

Can we already talk about what 2018 has in store for Giandomenico Basso?

Not yet. We hope to be able to take part again in the TER, and to find new opponents, new challenges. The races are already beautiful, maybe it would be nice to have new ones. We are working, with BRC we hope to be back again next year.