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Gentlemen, (get ready to) start your engines!


The 2020 TER - Tour European Rally is ready to welcome drivers, teams and fans with 5 fantastic events in 5 wonderful locations:

- 8/9 August Rally Città di Arezzo, Crete Senesi e Valtiberina (Tuscany / Italy)
- 21/22 August Rallye de Ferrol (Galicia / Spain)
- 3/5 September Conxion Omloop van Vlaanderen (Flanders / Belgium)
- 25/26 September Transilvania Rally (Transilvania / Romania)
- 16/18 October Rallye Antibes Cote D'Azur (Cote d'Azur / France)


14. Rally Città di Arezzo, Crete Senesi e Valtiberina - 08-09.08.2020

The season will start in Italy, precisely in Tuscany, with a great event on gravel roads which are part of Rallying's history since the 80s and 90s when they starred in WRC Rallye Sanremo.
Amongst fantastic landscapes, August is an ideal time to visit Arezzo, Siena, Asciano, Anghiari, etc... 
Do not miss the chance to experience the art, monuments, cuisine and flavours of Tuscany...

Official website:



51. Rallye de Ferrol - 21-22.08.2020

Set in the lovely Spanish scenery of the Galicia Region, close to the Atlantic Ocean, Rallye de Ferrol is part of the TER for the 2nd year!
In 2019 the event celebrated its 50th anniversary with a fantastic event voted "The Best Rally" of the 2019 TER!
Visiting Galicia, it's worth trying the typical cuisine of north-west Spain such as the famous Seafood or the "Pulpo a la Gallega"...

Official website:

Here the 2019 edition of Rallye de Ferrol:


61. Conxion Omloop van Vlaanderen - 04-05-09-2020

The 61th edition of Conxion Omloop van Vlaanderen Rally, the "Tour of Flanders", is staged on the typical tarmac stages of north-west Belgium, and hosted in the historical town of Roeselare.
In a landscape rich with history, the third round of the 2020 TER is ready to offer 2 days of great competition!

Entries of 61. ConXion Omloop Van Vlaanderen are already open!

Official website:

Here the 2019 edition of ConXion Omloop Van Vlaanderen:


Transilvania Rally - 25-26.09.2020

Cluj-Napoca hosts the largest and most popular music and film festivals in this region of Europe. The town secured in 2015 the title of European Youth Capital, with a vibrant night life and a dinamic cultural environment.
The "Transilvania Rally", a benchmark for organisation with its fast special stages in the Cluj countryside and spectacular city superspecial stage, will be part of the TER series for the 4th time.

Official website: 

Here the 2019 edition of Transilvania Rally:


55. Rallye Antibes Cote d'Azur - 16-18.10.2020

The 55th edition of Rallye d'Antibes Cote d’Azur will take the crews over the stages of south-east France made famous by Rallye Montecarlo.
The town of Juan les Pins is located on the seaside just next to Antibes, an important tourist location of French Riviera. Juan les Pins will host the 2020 edition of the event, one of the best Rallyes in Europe with a long and great history.

Official website: 

Here the 2019 edition of Rallye d'Antibes Cote d’Azur:


Registrations to the 2020 TER series are open, free of charge:


We look forward to welcoming You in the 2020 edition of the new concept of Rallly series!