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35th Sanremo Historic Rally postponed until a later date


SANREMO (IM), 5 March – In compliance with the Law Decree issued by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 4 March 2020 (in particular with reference to Article 1, paragraph C), Automobil Club Ponente Ligure, organizer of the 35th Sanremo Historic Rally, announces that the race, valid for FIA EHSRC 2020, the European specialty championship; CIRAS, Italian Historic Car Rally Championship; Liguria Primocanale Motors 2020 Rally Championship; TER H 2020 Tour European Rally Historic; Michelin Historic Rally Cup, is postponed to a date to be set, as well as the contemporary 34th Regularity Flower Cup.

"As ordered by the Council of Ministers yesterday evening and above all for the protection of the health of all those who have to deal with the race, Automobil Club Ponente Ligure has decided to postpone the 35th Sanremo Historic Rally and the 34th edition of the Flowers Cup to a future date. We are working with the Federation and local institutions to find a new date for the event, so that it can take place with all the serenity necessary, while keeping its prestige intact", declared the President of ACI Ponente Ligure, architect Sergio Maiga.